Platinum Jubilee 2022

Plumpton Village Society

Plumpton Parish Council and Plumpton Village Society initially met in January 2021 to consider how Plumpton should celebrate the Queens 70 year reign over a 4 day bank holiday weekend of 2 to 5 June 2022.  In February Villagers including clubs & societies were invited to put forward initiatives to celebrate and further ideas were captured at the Strawberry Fair on 26 June 2021. A full Plumpton programme is now underway to compliment the National celebrations.  The initial focus has been on the Community Big Event on Sunday 5 June and information on how to get involved is below.  Details of other celebrations on Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June will follow, so save this website as one of your favourites.  A conscious decision has been taken to leave Saturday 4 June free of Plumpton celebrations to allow villagers to spend time with their families and friends and to watch the National celebrations on the TV.

Plumpton Big Event – Sunday 5 June 2022


A ‘Big Event’ will be held in the centre of Plumpton Racecourse and a full programme of events are now being arranged and booked.

There are two specific things that need Villagers involvement and a bit of long term planning now to be ready for June.


Plumpton Jubilee Pageant:


A mix of floats, tractors, decorated bicycles and walkers will form up on Top Barn Farm field, opposite the Old Police House near the top of Plumpton. They will be followed by a classic car and motorbike procession from The Plough, with the whole Pageant processing down to the racecourse.

We hope to exceed the superb spectacle achieved by the Village with the procession organised for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Those involved in the Pageant are invited to sing and bring drums, whistles, and musical instruments. Residents in Station Road are encouraged to line the route with bunting etc to give the start of the day atmosphere.

Every Village Group and Society are being invited to be involved. An entry form is required, but there is no fee. Prizes will be awarded later in the day for the best entrants in each class of the Pageant.

Reserve your place in the Pageant please fill out the online form here.

Any queries please email 

Soap Box Race:


The first photo was taken by Plumpton Village Society testing out Martin Gilberts trial soap box at the Racecourse and the second photo is by an unknown Author and licenced under CC BY.


 The Soap Box Race will take part on a 500m course marked out on the Racecourse path. Each gravity-fuelled racer will get three attempts at the course, with prizes awarded for Speed, Junior and Whacky. There is a £10 entry fee and a minimum age of 10. Racers need to have wheels, a base, steering, brakes and seating for the driver and can be as imaginative as you like. Full specifications for Soap Box racers are available at Type Red Bull Soap Box Race into Google for inspiration and to see what a race looks like. Martin Gilbert carried out a test run of the Soap Box Course in January, safely completing the journey on a racer made for £30 using two old children’s bikes and various scrap materials. He is coordinating the race and can provide technical advice. Register your racer ASAP by completing the entry form and if you need Martin’s help, please ask for it via the contact page.

Ready for the challenge?  Please read the documents below and fill out this online entry form.

What is it all about? What-is-it-all-about.pdf 

Rules and Guidance Soap Box Rules.pdf 

Indemnity Waiver and Release Agreement Soap Box Waiver.pdf 

Example insurance quotation personal insurance cover available.pdf 

 Entry Form Soap-Box Entry Form.pdf 

If you would like a better feel of the track, look at the Plumpton Village Society example soap box built by Martin Gilbert, in the first of the photos above in real life or have any queries please send a message via the contact page with your phone number or email and someone will come back to you.

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The next Red Bull photos are by an unknown Author and licenced under CCBY.